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Mis-sold SIPPS Claims UK are Industry leaders in financial claims for people who have been mis-sold SIPP pension and just want a hassle-free retirement.

We are your mis-sold pension claims specialists. We’ll put your mind at ease as you gain justice and mis-sold SIPP compensation. We know how vital this process is to you and support your right to claim where SIPP mis-selling has occurred.

  • Have you been mis-sold a SIPP (Self Investment Personal Pension)?
  • Has your financial advisor sold you low cap stocks?
  • Have you lost money on risky investments?

If you can answer “Yes” you could be eligible for SIPP pension compensation!

It’s time to exercise your right to compensation for mis-sold pension SIPP under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Yes, you can sometimes recover financially from mistakes brought about by high pressure sales tactics and misinformation given by unscrupulous stockbrokers or financial advisers of the past. If you were sold lifetime SIPP we can help you with your mis-sold lifetime SIPP claim.

Under the SIPP pension compensation scheme UK, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Investigating your situation is the first step to ascertaining the whole picture of whether you are holding mis-sold UK SIPPS.

Our team has the experience & understanding to unravel this complex situation to your satisfaction & go beyond expectations.

We work as quickly as possible to give you a prompt payment & return of your claim. Our job is to navigate the recovery process and your entitlements under the FSCS or other 3rd parties, where loss is due to bad or misleading advice, negligent management of investments, and financial fraud or misrepresentation has occurred.

Compensation may be successfully sought if your bank, building society or credit union were to go into liquidation. Or, if your insurance or pension provider did the same.

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